Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions Entrepreneurs Are Making in 2024 and Why Many Will Fail

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While many New Year’s resolutions focus on lifestyle and personal habits, entrepreneurs and business owners often have different goals in mind.

If you’ve ever set a goal, be it at the start of a new year or any other time of the year, you may have noticed that the pursuit of longer-term goals often fizzles fast. There is one primary reason why this happens: unsustainability!

The Weight Loss Resolution

Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds (9.072 kilograms) by April. However, you work ten hours daily, care for your family for three hours, and need eight hours of rest and sleep. Right? This pattern has been your life for as long as you can remember. You might think, “That leaves me three hours each day to work out and meal prep. This is doable.”

However, the reality is that in addition to time, you need a supportive family, a conducive schedule and budget for buying healthy food options and gym equipment or a membership, and time to drive to and from work, the market, and the gym. But most importantly, you need the energy and willpower to do this a certain number of days per week for the next three months without neglecting your other needs and priorities.

The Revenue Resolution

For entrepreneurs, it’s as easy to fall into this same trap. For example, we might set a goal to increase our revenue by 10%. “All signs” point to this being very achievable. We have the advertising budget, a good strategy, and even the human resource capacity. Yet, sustainability evades us. The level of complexity we didn’t consider, the fires we don’t yet know we have to put out, the budget overages we didn’t anticipate, and personal problems that steal our time and drive. And just like that, the goal becomes as empty as a weight loss resolution.

While we can’t eliminate all the variables that impede our progress toward sustainability, we can make our goals more sustainable.

Implement Flexible Strategies

Our weight loss resolver might consider the difficulty and build in flexibility and a weight loss range rather than hard-fast rules and objectives and consider what they’ll do when a gym trip is not feasible.

Likewise, the entrepreneur should create an environment of flexibility, reduce complexity, and create conditions that allow for quick adaptation to changing conditions and new information. Additionally, using automation in repetitive processes that will help achieve increased revenue can free up time and eliminate many problems that are likely to arise with human resource capacity.

Is Your Plan To Achieve Your Business Goals Adaptable?

Ask yourself, “Can my plan work if all my employees catch a contagious stomach bug that shuts down the office for a week? What can I do to ensure it does?” “Can it work if one of my children or I become sick and I cannot work full-time for some time?” “Will it work if the budget is shorter than expected for a few months?” “Will it work with the number of staff I currently have, or will we have to hire new people to meet the demand I anticipate?”

Our goals are a great starting point, but developing and implementing a practical, flexible, and thoughtful strategy and eliminating as many potential hurdles as possible make our goals sustainable.

The more difficult a goal is to achieve, the more likely we'll miss the mark. Make it as doable as possible.

Setting yourself up for success means applying the rules of sustainability.

Sustainability results from three primary ingredients: Strategy, Simplicity, and Supportive Mechanisms such as built-in flexibility, practicality in planning, effective tools, adequate resources, and people and skill sets that support the goals.

That said, here are the top three New Year’s resolutions goal categories on many entrepreneurs’ minds for 2024 and ways Stratinuity can make your goals more sustainable and achievable.

📈 Growth Goals:

⏳ Efficiency Goals:

⚖️ Work-Life Balance Goals:

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Deshina is a visionary entrepreneur and business strategist dedicated to helping African Diaspora businesses excel in the digital era. She owns two companies, Biz Ops Rwanda and Stratinuity, offering various services for business growth. She's also the creator of LevelUp and other industry platforms that streamline business operations to enhance profitability. She actively supports African-diaspora owned businesses, mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, and is a role model for women in business. She's committed to economic development in Africa and has founded several successful businesses.

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