We Love Our Clients

Our body of work

Terry Honore Construction

Stratinuity gave the owner of Terry Honore Construction a new, simple website and set up their Microsoft 365 Exchange email.

Fiber Flex, LLC

The owner of Fiber Flex was looking for a clean, sleek and minimal website and some help with setting up his email. We gave him all of that and more!

365 Rwanda

The CEO of 365 Rwanda had a website, she just needed a place to put it. Biz Ops Rwanda is now hosting, managing and in charge of the maintenance and security for 365 Rwanda.
Hospitality, Business Services


Owner, Divine Akamina , wanted a new and functional website designed with the most streamlined payment solution capabilities.
Business Services

Genesis 360

CEO, Craig Stevens, wanted to "Make his site sexy". So we did! He later implemented email and content marketing strategies, IT Support, and more.

Judith Safaris

Owner, Judith Uwimana, wanted a fresh and functional design with the most up-to-date digital marketing capabilities.


Founder, David Clark III, says he's "not tech savvy" but he's savvy enough to know he needs global reach. He hired us to redesign his website with a PayPal intergration.