The First Digital Incubator Helps Louisiana Businesses Ramp Up, Digitize & Connect

Local husband and wife team launch the GeauxLevelUp initiative alongside thier app to help Louisiana businesses strategize, grow, and succeed.

GeauxLevelUp is an initiative to help build a stronger small and micro business community and reduce barriers to entry for disadvantaged populations.

The husband-and-wife team, Micheal and Deshina Buck, are the owners of Stratinuity LLC. The duo says increasing access to technology for local small business communities is their life’s work. As they celebrate the launch of their small business app, LevelUp, they’re helping other Louisiana businesses adapt to the changing business landscape with peace of mind.

LevelUp is a digital incubator that helps local businesses continue to thrive in this time of unprecedented change. It enables business owners with limited resources to be strategic about getting their products and services to customers safely and consistently.

The app includes a professional website, accounting program, customer relationship manager, HR manager, easy to use eCommerce tools, and a suite of marketing, automation, and sales tools that help businesses attract new customers, increase revenue, and improve customer experiences. These tools also save business owners money and time by automating day to day tasks so they can focus on the things that matter most.

In addition, members get technical support, training, and mentorship, as well as automated individualized feedback and advice.
“Being able to conduct some or all of your business operations online is especially important today. We have to keep up with evolving employee and customer expectations. Since we are also users of the platform, LevelUp helps us do that. It’s a game changer for our community. I’m excited and honored to be a Louisianan with something to give back.”, says founder Deshina Buck.

Deshina Buck

Deshina Buck

Founder & CEO of Stratinuity and Creator of LevelUp - The All-in-one Business Platform That Helps You Do More With More.

After 20+ years of starting businesses, I've learned that the best way to grow a business is to adapt quickly and lean on those who know what you don't know.

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