Build Your Audience By The Book

When we think about having a following or an audience, rarely do we think “I can just replicate Yashua’s success with building an audience.” And

You’re Seven Steps Away From Starting Your Business

You’re seven answers away from a successful business launch. Seven Steps to Starting Your Business… Identify a product. Identify the market for the product. Understand your market’s pain points. Create a brand your market will rally around. Let your paid leads lead the way. Show up in email AND wherever

The First Digital Incubator Helps Louisiana Businesses Ramp Up, Digitize & Connect

Local husband and wife team launch the GeauxLevelUp initiative alongside thier app to help Louisiana businesses strategize, grow, and succeed. GeauxLevelUp is an initiative to help build a stronger small and micro business community and reduce barriers to entry for disadvantaged populations. The husband-and-wife team, Micheal and Deshina Buck, are

Welcome To Stratinuity

We are so excited to announce our All-In-One business system, Levelup that provides custom and scalable business solutions to start your business today. We provide community, training, and management support along with the technology to manage all of the online aspects of your business and primary business functions such as